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The Fabulous World Of ME!

Because Everyday Is A Day Full Of JOY.

Writer. Big Bang. Super Junior. Kyumin. Hunhan.

I used to comment everything I read but I got pretty busy recently. Also, I sometimes stumble over fanfiction I would have preferred not to read so I just shut up and don't say anything because hating and bashing is stupid. And since there are too many people who can't accept constructive criticism, I just go and look for the next fanfiction.

Don't come to me with any pairing that includes Kyuhyun and is not Kyumin. My journal, my rules. Don't try to shove genderswitch on me. Dicks are okay; if you don't like them, go and write another pairing. They're fine just the way they are.

Finally: Sungmin is a god that does not submit to Kyuhyun. Except of sex, maybe. I don't know.

Bitch alert? Not quite. I'm double faced. Maybe even schizophrenic? However, I can be terribly nice at times. I actually like people but I had bad experiences.