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The Kind Of Tutoring Everyone Would Like

Author: kyumin86eunhae 

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Kyumin

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: fail!Language, fail!Smut, fail!plot (PWP??????)

Summary: Kyuhyun sucks in history. But he has a reason for that. (Don't ask me, it's not only fanfiction I fail but also sunmmaries LOL)

Beta: jennypham7

"Kyuhyun!", Mrs Cho yelled angrily. A few seconds later, her 17-year old son came downstairs, slowly and with an annoyed expression.


"Ya! Don't be disrespectful to your mother! I have to talk to you!"

"What's the matter?"

"History's the matter!"

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes. History. The subject with the student teacher, Lee Sungmin. Kyuhyun had to admit that he had the tiniest crush on the cute man, but nevertheless, it was just too funny to provocate him the whole time over.

"Oh, come on, mom."

"Don't 'come on' me! Your poor teacher, he is still so young and has to teach you all because he needs the money for his studies!"

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes.

"But that's not even the point! Your grades! You don't pay attention and always ask questions which are not relevant! You hinder the tuiton!"


"Don't 'Mmmhhh' me!"

"Mom, my other grades are perfect. A D in history is okay."

"Cho Kyuhyun? Are you kidding me? No way. Your history teacher is coming in ten minutes and you two are learning together. We can be glad that he offered it that nicely, even more since you are going to write a test in two weeks!"

"What? He is coming over?"

"Yes. And don't you dare to refuse or even be uncooperative. This is important and if you don't get an A in the test, I'll take all your stupid games!"


"Don't 'Mom' me! I don't want to hear any complains from you!"

Kyuhyun grumbled. That was just mean. It was not even that he was not able to learn for history. Not at all, he was a genius with an eidetic memory, he would learn it in a matter of seconds. But his teacher's face just looked so cute everytime he would get on his nerves, plus, he didn't like history at all. It was boring. The door bell rang and Mrs Cho sent him a last glare before going to the door.

"Good afternoon, Mr Lee! Thank you a lot that you spend your precious time to tutor my inept son!"

Kyuhyun rolled his eyes at the last words. His mom was too funny sometimes.

"Darling, come here and greet your teacher! Would you like something to drink?"

Sungmin refused politely and smiled at Kyuhyun who remained emotionless. His mother tilted her head towards his room and went into the kitchen.

"My room is upstairs.", Kyuhyun said without any greetings.

"Hello, Kyuhyun.", Sungmin said friendly and followed his student upstairs.

"Hello, Mr. Lee.", Kyuhyun finally replied shortly and opened the door to his room, offering his teacher to enter it.

"Since we are not at school now, you can call me Sungmin, okay?"


"Oh come on, Kyuhyun, we don't want your mom to take all your games, right?", Sungmin grinned and sat down on a chair.


"I have to give report about today, by the way. Telling your mother what we have learned together and if you have a chance to get enough credits for an A this semester."

Kyuhyun sighed. "Can't we just finish it as fast as possible?"

"Then let's get started, Kyuhyun. Did you learn anything?"

Kyuhyun shrugged and took out his books. "We had to learn about the US, right?"

"Yup. Then let's see what you learned until now? When did the first pioneers come to North America after Columbus?"

"Sometime between... 0 and 2011."

Sungmin sighed. "A bit more specific?"

Kyuhyun just shrugged. "I've never learned anything."

"And we want to change that, right? I know that your are more than intelligent enough to learn all this."

"Well, it's just that history doesn't interest me at all."

Sungmin smiled. "I have an idea. If you get three answers right, I have a reward for you. I won't tell you what it is, but I already used that method on many students before and it always helped them to get really good grades. For every time you get an answer right, the reward gets bigger but the questions get much more difficult as well."

"I'm not interested in money."

"It's not money."

Kyuhyun eyed him suspiciously. Sungmin had awoken his interest.

"You have two hours now to learn as much as possible, I'm coming back afterwards."

Kyuhyun nodded and took his book about american history. He didn't even know why Korean students had to learn about a country they hadn't any real connection to. But still, he wanted to know what reward it was that Sungmin could give him, that could even increase anytime. Sungmin gave him a thumbs up and went out of the room. Kyuhyun grinned to himself and opened the book. Then he looked at the first page, but turned to the next after only 5 seconds. At the same time, his brain was calculating. If he needed 5 seconds for one page, he would be able to read 12 in one minute. One hour had 60 minutes, which would be 60 x 12 pages in one hour. 720 pages in one hour. His history book had 800 pages, he would need one hour, six minutes and forty seconds. About that. No problem.

In the end, he was already done after one hour and went downstairs. Sungmin was chatting happily with his mom in the kitchen and both of them looked surprised when Kyuhyun was standing in the door, telling that he was dome with learning.

"Done.", he said nonchalantly.

"What? Already? I gave you two hours!", Sungmin said with a frown.

"Do you really want to risk your games?", Mrs Cho asked and raised an eye brow. Kyuhyun smirked.

"Promise. I'm really done."

Sungmin sighed and both of them went upstairs. "You really don't even want to know what reward it would be?"

"I told you that I learned it."

Sungmin eyes him suspiciously. "Declaration of independence?"

"4th July 1776." Sungmin bit his lip. They had entered the room and were sitting on Kyuhyun's desk again.

"That's right. But well, that date is really important, no wonder that you knew it... Something more difficult?"

"Whatever. I told you I've learned."

"American civil war."

"From 1861 to 1865."

Sungmin looked at him, surprised. "That's right! Seems like you have really learned. Are you a genius or something like that?"

"Something like that. Next question, I want to know what you have for me."

Sungmin smiled. "Boston tea party."

"1773. What is it?"

Sungmin smirked. "Do you really want to know it?"

"Yes, god damn it, what did I learn for?"

Sungmin sighed and slowly brought his hands to his shirt, pulling it off in a quick, smooth move, leaving him in a wife beater. Kyuhyun stared at him.
Blinked once.
His mouth fell open.

"That's my reward?"

"From now on, every answer counts. Now you can decide if you want me to put my T-Shirt on as your reward or if I'm... Continuing."

Kyuhyun gulped. "Can you tell me what your other students asked you to do?" Sungmin grinned.

"They asked me to strip. But the questions got too difficult and they could only get me to my boxers. After that, they always got it wrong and in the end, I was dressed up again. Let's see how far you can get me. I have more than enough questions.", Sungmin said in a challenging tone and leaned his head on the wall behind him.

"Boston massacre?"

Kyuhyun blushed. "1770.", he stuttered quietly.

"That's right. What do you want me to do?"

Kyuhyun tilted his head and thought about it. Actually, he had already settled his mind, since it wasn't that difficult to decide if Sungmin was asking him like that, sitting there with his smooth skin and his toned arms and chest.


"I've already thought that.", Sungmin smirked and slowly opened his pants, pulling him down in such a pace that Kyuhyun wondered if he wanted to tease him. Sungmin had nice, pink silk boxers which were a bit distracting, but Kyuhyun tried his best to keep his mind.

"You aren't wearing that much."

"I didn't think that I had to use that method."


"Constitution of the USA?"


"Good.", Sungmin grinned and pulled off his wife beater, leaving him complete shirtless, much to Kyuhyun's delight. Sungmin had perfect skin and wonderful nipples, he decided. And was definitely hot. Maybe too hot, Kyuhyun thought, telling by the tightening of his own pants.

"Well, it was easy until now, right? now let's see if you are better than my other students. Law case, Plessy versus Ferguson? And you have to add the issue of the lawsuit because it's about my boxers here."

Kyuhyun smirked. Sungmin really pulled of a difficult one. But nothing for his eidetic memory. He closed his eyes and looked for the word 'Plessy'. A rare name. Uh-huh, page 572, first two paragraphs.

"1896, Plessy versus Ferguson. It was about the apartheid in railway carriers."

It was silent for a few seconds. Seconds turned into minutes. Kyuhyun could hear the ticking noise of his clock and it was getting on his nerves.

"That's right.", Sungmin whispered quietly and Kyuhyun tried his best not to show his satisfaction over his own intelligence too much but failed miserably as a big smile creeped on his face. Sungmin sighed and hesitatingly brought his hands up to the waistband if his boxers.

"Are you sure that you want to see your history teacher completely naked?", Sungmin asked hopefully and stopped what he was about to do.

Kyuhyun grinned and leaned a bit closer. "Might sound creepy, but, yes. To be honest, I've been jerking off because of that image quite a few times."

Sungmin blushed madly. "Wha-what?"

"You did understand me, Sungmin. By the way, what if I keep getting right answers now? There are no clothes you can take off anymore. Not that you dress up with every right answer again."

Sungmin's jaw fell open. He hadn't thought of that. "Well..."

"I have an idea. If I get an answer right, I can either decide something that you have to do or I can do something to you, whatever I want."


"A great idea. Now get this bothering thing off please."

Sungmin felt like fainting. There was no return for him anymore, he had started that game and underestimating Kyuhyun, just like he did with all his other students, had been a bad mistake. And it was more than obvious what Kyuhyun wanted. Sungmin bit his lower lip and slowly lowered his boxers down. Kyuhyun unconsciously licked his lips at the sight, first it was only dark hair and then finally that cock that was revealed. He liked it, a lot, even though he hadn't believed that his teacher, who was even shorter than he was, was the owner of a quite impressive manhood.

"Stop staring. We have to learn.", Sungmin ordered and Kyuhyun just smirked at the nervous undertone.

"Then your question please?" Not that he had stopped staring at that glorious sight just in front of him.

"Substructure of Quebec."

"Quebec is in Canada. We have american history, Sungmin.", Kyuhyun purred. "Do I get something special if I can still answer it right?"

"Ju-just shut up!"

"Language, Mr. Lee, language." Maybe Kyuhyun was too disrespectful. But that face was just... "1608."

Sungmin let out a small whimper. "Right." He looked at Kyuhyun, who hadn't stopped his stared at him at all, only to ask:"So, what would you like to do now? How about me dressing up again?"

Kyuhyun leaned closer, maybe too close and looked at his teacher with big, innocent eyes. "But why? You are so beautiful like that. And if you ask me what I want..."
His lips were brushing over Sungmin's jawline now. "I want to lick you.", he finally whispered huskily and let his Tongue flipping over that soft, smooth skin, a bit salty from sweat, but all in all quite... Sungmin.

Sungmin squeaked and shook his head. "Ya! Who do you think are you?"

"I think I am a brilliant student who deserves to get a reward."

Sungmin sighed. "You are really something... Substructure of Virginia."

"The chronology is getting kinda jmessy, but 1606."

"Right.", Sungmin sighed again, causing Kyuhyun to grin widely. His face came closer to Sungmin again and the next second, Kyuhyun was sucking his neck crotch, leaving read hickeys, while his hands were roaming up and down on Sungmin's back and finally reached that butt, groping it harshly and causing Sungmin to gasp.

"Next one.", Kyuhyun mumbled into his neck.

"Wha-what is the former na-name of Ne-new York?", Sungmin stuttered out, too startled by Kyuhyun's sudden closeness to his own, naked body.

"Your questions are getting weak. New Amsterdam."

Sungmin mewled when Kyuhyun began to travel kisses on his jaw, down his neck and the latter had to smirk when Sungmin turned his head to the other side, giving him a better access to his neck.

"Is that right?"

"Mmmhhh... Yes.", Sungmin moaned out. "What do you want now?"

"I want you to do something."

Sungmin nodded slightly and turned his head back to Kyuhyun again. "What do you want me to do?", he asked curiously.

"I want you to strip me.", Kyuhyun smirked and Sungmin froze in his position.

"You want me to... Strip you?"

"Yes." Sungmin gave him an uncertain look and Kyuhyun almost thought that it looked innocent.

Sungmin's hands suddenly were on his chest, traveling down until they were at the rim of Kyuhyun's shirt, pulling it up and revealing his toned abs. Kyuhyun raised his arms to support Sungmin's action and the latter managed to get off the shirt, throwing it somewhere into the corner. When Sungmin was hesistatingly bringing his hands to the waistband of Kyuhyun's pants, he noticed that huge bulge that had formed a tent in those and pulled back.

"What's wrong, Sungmin?"


"That has already been there since you have got your shirt off."

Sungmin nodded slowly and unzipped the zipper, unbuckled the belt and opened the buttons. When he reached to Kyuhyun's butt to lift it up, in order to get the pants off, the latter suddenly bucked his hips and Sungmin's face had an unpleasant meeting with Kyuhyun's crotch.

"What was this?", Sungmin gasped. Kyuhyun blushed.

"Dunno. My body moved by itself.", he murmured. "Sorry."

"Seems like you never got stripped before?"

"I'm a virgin."

"Oh.", Sungmin just stated. He shrugged. "So what.", he said finally and pulled Kyuhyun's pants down.

"You aren't wearing underwear."

"I never do.", Kyuhyun grinned and Sungmin rolled his eyes.

"Horny teens."

Both of them were completely naked and Sungmin almost jerked when Kyuhyun's erection sprang free. Sungmin licked his lips unconsciously.

"And you are seventeen, huh?"

Kyuhyun smirked. "And blessed. Next question?"

Sungmin puckered his lips seducingly. He liked that kind of tutoring.

"Treaty of Versailles."

"1783." Kyuhyun's hand traveled up Sungmin's thigh, slowly and gently first but then his hand grabbed Sungmin's member firmly, tightening his grip until Sungmin began to pant and clenched his fists, digging his nails into his skin. Kyuhyun leaned forward and Sungmin could feel his breathe on his face. He unconsciously leaned forward a bit and his lips were brushing over Kyuhyun's when the younger whispered, almost on Sungmin's lips: "Next question."

"How do you want to fuck me?"

Kyuhyun smirked when he felt Sungmin's cock, still in his hand, hardening slowly.

"Hard... And raw."

"Right answer.", Sungmin whispered out and Kyuhyun crashed his lips on Sungmin's, feeling teeth against his own and a tongue invading his mouth fiercefully, exploring every inch of his cavern. Kyuhyun hadn't thought that Sungmin would turn into such a beast once it would get to this kind of matter.

He grabbed on Sungmin's hips and pulled the latter on his lap. Sungmin's erection brushed over Kyuhyun's, causing both of them to let out a low moan. Sungmin could feel Kyuhyuns warm and sweaty chest rubbing over his own and the latter captured his lips again. Kyuhyun's hands were loosely on his hips while Sungmin's legs were on each side of his body, entangling to pull Kyuhyun closer to his own body and feeling more of that body on his own.
Kyuhyun felt his cock being trapped between his stomach and Sungmin's cock and damn, it was making him so hot. His mouth was still working on Sungmin's, biting and sucking everything he found with his tongue and he felt Sungmin bucking his hips against his, humping him until Kyuhyun seriously thought that he had to come.

A moment later, he realised it. Sungmin was his teacher, his fucking history teacher and was sitting naked on him, kissing and bouncing up and down on his lap.

"Damn it.", he whispered when Sungmin bit his lower lip.

"What is it, Kyuhyun?"

"I just realised... You are my history teacher and we are about to fuck."

"Mmmhhh... Yes."

"We are supposed to learn."

Sungmin pulled back and looked straight into his eyes. Kyuhyun saw his dark orbs, his gaze traveling to his sweaty forehead and then to his pink, pouty swollen lips he had just kissed a few moment ago.

"You don't want to have sex with me?"

"If you are saying it like this... It sounds so wrong."

"No?", Sungmin pouted and was about to get down from Kyuhyun's lap when the latter grabbed his wrist and prevented him from moving.

"Are you kidding me? You are so sexy and hot, you don't even know that I have wet dreams about you almost everyday. When I'm in your lessons, the reason I don't pay attention is that I'm imagining the whole time, how it is to fuck you against the desk, the board, the wall, on a chair and even in front of the opened window for everyone hearing it the moment you come, screaming my name out of the window.
They should forbid it to hire teachers like you. Fuck YES. I want to fuck you, and how I do. I want to see you coming."

Sungmin stared at him with his mouth open.

"Oh. So we can have sex?"

Kyuhyun pulled him on his lap again, closer until their foreheads met. Then his hands traveled to Sungmin's butt and spreader his ass cheeks until his finger could reach to the puckered hole, poking it and causing Sungmin to moan and to pant.

"Yes. Let's fuck."

Sungmin grinned and a moment later, their lips were fighting again, until Kyuhyun's mouth began to go down to Sungmin's chin, then his neck and his chest until he reached those nipples. Those wonderful, hard and perky nipples which screamed out to him, to suck them and to bite them.

And Kyuhyun thought that he had to fulfil those pleads. Sungmin moaned out loudly when he felt his sensitive nipples being sucked and bited and blood in his stomach began to circulate, to boil from pleasure and his whole mind went blank. He felt Kyuhyun's hands, fingers on his butt again, groping and pinching his ass cheeks and, yes, he liked it.

"To-Touch me...", he growled out and Kyuhyun blinked innocently.

"I am touching you."

Sungmin bit his lip from annoyance. "Don't fuck with me!"

Now Kyuhyun's innocent eyes turned into a mischievous smirk. "That's actually what I've been planning on doing."

He lifted Sungmin up and placed him on his chair. Then he kneeled down in front of his teacher and his hands began to roam on Sungmin's legs, from his knees up to his thighs and closer to his erection with every second.

His hands wrapped around Sungmin's member finally, his index finger poking the slit and drawing circles on the head. Sungmin mewled from satisfaction and grinded his hips into Kyuhyun's fist. Kyuhyun's hand slowly began to move, up and down, tightening the grip a bit while his other hand was holding down Sungmin's hips to prevent him from bucking into his hand.

"Kyuhyuuun!", Sungmin whined and his hips were struggling but couldn't come free from Kyuhyun's grip.

"Mmmhhh... Don't be too impatient.", Kyuhyun chuckled and bent forward to his hand until his lips were merely a few millimetres away from Sungmin's throbbing cock head, precum already dripping out of it's slit.

Sungmin sighed in satisfaction when he saw what Kyuhyun was about to do.

"Fuck yes."

Kyuhyun grinned and darted out his tongue, flipping quickly over Sungmin's cock head and catching some precum along. Sungmin moaned and his hands were tugging on Kyuhyun's hair, trying to shove his cock into his mouth.

"Suck.", he panted out and shut his eyes, his own horniness making his mind going blurry and dizzy.

Kyuhyun bent down and his full lips wrapped around Sungmin's cock head. He sucked gently, only the tip, his Tongue poking Sungmin's slit until no precum was left. Sungmin moaned and it was like the best music in Kyuhyun's ears. He wanted more of those sexy moans and engulfed another inch of Sungmin's penis and sucking it harder and harder with every second. Sungmin gave him what he wanted, the mewls and moans making Kyuhyun's own member aching from it's own hardness. He needed friction, anything, it didn't matter what, so he just began to rub his erection on Sungmin's lower thigh while sucking the hell out of his cock.

Sungmin felt Kyuhyun's cock brushing over his leg and clenched his eyes, bit his lower lip and threw his head back to restrain himself from coming because it was just too much all at once for him to handle.

It became even harder when Kyuhyun's hands roamed up Sungmin's thighs and spread his legs apart. And while his mouth was still sucking Sungmin's hard cock with occasional licks from his base up to his tip, the index finger of his right hand was pushed into Sungmin's tight hole, causing the older man to let out a crackled scream between his lustful moans.

Kyuhyun smiled around his teacher's member and spreaded Sungmin's legs even wider to let his body having a better access to the latter's crotch where his finger was poking in Sungmin's entrance, going deeper with every second and searching for a certain spot. Sungmin began to relax around his student's fingers which Kyuhyun noticed by the satisfied moans he made everytime Kyuhyun would push in and pull out, rubbing Sungmin's insides at that progress.

"You like that?", he purred, his lips still connected to Sungmin's cock by a string of saliva and precum.

Sungmin was panting erratically and let out a high moan as an answer to Kyuhyun's questions. He was sweating, drops of sweat on his forehead had formed, his hair was wet and messy and his flushed face looked like he had just ran a fast sprint.

Even from that position, between his legs and Sungmin's cock right in his face, Kyuhyun thought that he might have the sexiest person ever in front of him. Sungmin looked like the impersonation of sex to him and the fact that he was now bitin down on his pouty lips wasn't helping him at all. The younger boy pulled out his fingers and began to suck them until spit and precum was dripping from his mouth corner. Sungmin seemed to like what he saw because the look in his eyes went even darker and the lust and wand want was now more present than it had ever been.

Kyuhyun smirked and licked up from Sungmin's balls up to the throbbing head, dripping from precum again, before kissing the slit lightly and getting up.

Sungmin was observing every movement his student did and when Kyuhyun was standing again, between his legs, his hand was grabbing on Kyuhyun's ankles, pulling him closer until their lips met again. Kyuhyun smiled and happily moaned into the kiss, his lips parting Sungmin's as far as possible to get as much access to that sweet, toxicating mouth as possible. Which wasn't enough for him, he was pushing Sungmin back by his own lustful, fierce kiss, his tongue was greedy, invading Sungmin's cavern and tasting every millimetre he could reach.

Kyuhyun lifted Sungmin up whose legs were wrapped around Kyuhyun's waist by now and creating the hot fiction the younger had been wanting. He carried him to his bed where he literally threw his teacher into the soft cushion and was soon crawling on top of him until he was facing him.

"I hope you won't back off now, we are fucking. I don't care if you want it or not, I'm raping you when necessary.", Sungmin growled through gritted teeth when he was looking straight into Kyuhyun's eyes.

Kyuhyun bent down and licked Sungmin's lips until the latter parted his lips and gently began to suck on his tongue. His legs were wrapping around Kyuhyun's waist again, pulling him closer until the taller was laying on top of him, nothing else but them, there were only Kyuhyun and Sungmin, their heated, sticky bodies and maybe a thin layer of sweat and precum between them.

Kyuhyun pulled away and licked his lips at the presenting sight in front of him. The hottest person on mother planet earth, maybe even in the universe, was presenting his body to him. He didn't hesitate but spread Sungmin's legs apart until he could see his pink, puckered hole. He licked his lips another time before his two index fingers were reaching to Sungmin's entrance to stretch it. Then he bent forward and penetrated his teacher's hole with his tongue while his fingers were still spreading the hole as wide as possible. Sungmin's eyes widened because of the pain Kyuhyun's fingers were doing to him by stretching his entrance but his lips were letting out a satisfied mewl full of lust because of the undeniable pleasure Kyuhyun's tongue gave to him by pushing deeper with every second, wetting his walls and getting closer and closer and closer to his prostrate.

"Deeper, Kyuhyun, DEEPER.", Sungmin managed to pant out between his moans and entangled his legs to pull Kyuhyun's head closer, closer so his tongue could reach his sweet spot but Kyuhyun refused and pulled back.

"My tongue is not that long. If you want me to fuck you, I have something that is way longer, long enough to reach you there where you want it.", Kyuhyun smirked.

Sungmin just closed his eyes and threw his head back.

"Then just FUCK ME. I don't care what you use to do it, JUST DO IT."

"Anything you want.", Kyuhyun growled and positioned his cock in front of Sungmin's hole, teasing him a few times by brushing over the entrance but not really pushing in. But when Sungmin spreaded his legs even more, doing everything just to give him the best access to his hole, Kyuhyun couldn't restrain himself and penetrated his teacher in a quick and smooth move.

Sungmin screamed out, the sudden intrusion hurting him and leaving a burning pain in his entrance.

"Are you nuts?", he gasped.

"No, horny."

Sungmin didn't find the mind to roll his eyes or slapping his student but bucked his hips against Kyuhyun's. The latter pinned Sungmin's hips on the matrass, pretending him from moving.

"What the fuck? Fuck me, god damn it!", Sungmin cursed and struggled to get free from the younger's grip.

Kyuhyun ignored him and slowly moved in and out, throwing his head back in that progress when he felt Sungmin's tight walls around his hard manhood.

"Baby, take it slow.", he murmured and closed his eyes. "I want to enjoy it..."

"You little..."

Right in that moment, Kyuhyun had changed his angle of thrust and the tip of his cock brushed over Sungmin's prostate, changing whatever he wanted to say into a loud moan.

"Fuck yeeeees. Geez, do that again.", Sungmin growled and his fingers were grabbing on Kyuhyun's bed sheets, eyes closed and head thrown back, living that moment of pure satisfaction that made a hot shiver running through his whole body.

Kyuhyun decided that Sungmin was even sexier when he was needy and being teased, slowing down even more and barely reaching to Sungmin's prostate with his manhood anymore.

"Are you fucking kidding me? Faster, deeper, you bastard, harder!", the history teacher cursed, words coming out of his mouth which Kyuhyun had never expected to hear out of that mouth. But it was hot and turning him on even more. He wondered what would happen if... He wouldn't give in but teasing Sungmin even more.

"What did you say? I cannot hear you..."

Sungmin let out an annoyed moan and broke free from Kyuhyun's grip, who was surprised by the sudden strength the smaller man had developed.

"If you really want it that way. Though you promised me to fuck me hard.", Sungmin wheezed through gritted teeth and flipped around until Kyuhyun was pinned on his bed with Sungmin sitting on top of him.

Kyuhyun hoped that Sungmin would do what he thought he was about to do and his hands found their way to Sungmin's hips, holding onto them, just to be sure.

And yes, Sungmin didn't waste a second but lifted up his ass and slammed down his whole body until his hole was taking Kyuhyun's cock up to his hilt and hitting his prostate dead-on. Kyuhyun saw Sungmin's lips curving into a relieved smile.

"Oh my god, this feels so fucking good.", escaped as a moan from Sungmin's lips and Kyuhyun had to agree. His teacher was so damn tight, his hole sucking him off like... Well, he couldn't find any description for what Sungmin and his asshole was doing to him.

Sungmin didn't stop but continued riding Kyuhyun's cock with such a pace and might which Kyuhyun thought of that it was impossible. His whole mind went blank and white, or was it black, but he couldn't have care less it was this unutterable feeling, better than heaven could ever be. He had never experienced such a feeling, that wonderful crawling in his stomach, the needy feeling that made him begging to Sungmin never to stop, that made his mouth doing noises he never did before.

'Jerking off is nothing compared to this.', he thought, and even though his balls felt like exploding from the power Sungmun used to slam down on his cock, he wanted him to never stop.

He heard the older man cursing under pants, his whole body now soaked from sweat, fuck, that couldn't be true, right? It just had to be a dream, nothing in the real world could feel that amazing.

Sungmin's moans weren't helping him at all, pushing him harder and harder towards the edge, closer and closer and Kyuhyun had to shut his eyes because the last thing he wanted was coming too early.

The smaller man had bent forwards now, his elbows on each side of Kyuhyun's head to support his weight and only his pelvis was now moving, continuing his slams down on Kyuhyun's cock.

Kyuhyun saw Sungmin's face, only a few centimetres away from his own, sweat dripping on his forehead and the heat of lust making himself even hotter and hornier. Sungmin had his eyes closed, his face portraying the perfect mix of concentration, satisfaction and beauty, Kyuhyun just had to pull him closer and kiss him fiercely while their bodies were still fucking.

"I'm... Aaaaah- Cumming soon.", Sungmin panted into their kiss.

"Me -haaah- too.", Kyuhyun replied, his breath to short to give a decent answer because everything that was in his mind right now was his cock in Sungmin's hole, the hot walls tightening with every thrust he did.

Sungmun sat up again, moving faster and slamming down harder and Kyuhyun could tell that both of them were close, just by hearing their messy and needy moans.

Kyuhyun felt Sungmin's hands grabbing on his arms, his nails digging deeper with every thrust and it was giving him the rest. He was the first to come, Sungmin's name falling from his lips as a scream when he filled his teacher with his seed. Sungmin immediately followed at the feeling of being filled and yelled out Kyuhyun's name while he stained Kyuhyun's stomach, chest and face with his white cum.

"Fuck fuck fuck.", he panted out and threw his head back while his body was still moving under twitches, riding out his orgasm.
Kyuhyun couldn't move, all he felt was Sungmin around him, his own body twitching and shivering.

Sungmin moved down from him, moaning again when he felt Kyuhyun's member being pulled out of his hole.

"Duuh. Never did it with a virgin before."

Kyuhyun just sighed and buried his face into his pillow, a sudden tiredness overwhelming him.
Sungmin grinned and climbed on Kyuhyun's back before bending forward to whisper in his ear.

"Could have been worse."

Kyuhyun grinned back when he lifted his face from his pillow.

"Are you often doing tutoring?"

"Actually not... But I could make an exception for you. I mean, you are learning everything when I'm tutoring you, aren't you?"

"Only if you use the right methods.", Kyuhyun sighed with a smirk and looked straight into Sungmin's eyes.

"You know that they're going to expell me if they find out."

"I'm graduating this year, we can keep it a secret for two months, can't we?"

Sungmin sighed and rolled his eyes. "How can you be that horny?"

"Hmm. I don't know, might be your fault."

Sungmin had discovered the undeniable softness of Kyuhyun's bed and was entangling the blanket with his arms and legs. He was looking like a little child hugging it's plushed animal. Kyuhyun looked at him and after a while, Sungmin had fallen asleep.

The younger boy chuckled and ruffled the sleeping man's hair before standing up and getting on his clothes.

"Not only sexy, but also so cute.", he whispered and went downstairs to get himself a glass of water.

His mother was standing at the sink, washing dishes.
Kyuhyun greeted her and reached to the counter to take the water bottle.

"Tutoring is fun, isn't it?", his mother suddenly said with that smirk that Kyuhyun had from her.

"Wha-what?", Kyuhyun gasped in shock and stared at the back of his mother's head. She turned around and looked at her son with an amused expression.

"Well, I don't care who or what you are doing whatever you want to do with as long as your graduation marks are all A. Maybe that even got you an A in history?", Mrs. Cho wondered, hinting to what Kyuhyun had just been doing.

"God, Mom, you are... I'm speechless.", Kyuhyun just said, shook his head and went upstairs again.

A/N: I write too many smuts LOL Recently, I had no single idea for my Chaptered Fanfictions... And for After All I think I love you, I have the whole plot set in my mind, I wrote every idea that would come up down but... I'm just too lazy to write it LOL Just don't feel like it... But I have tons of ideas for one-shots now, started to write them all and at the half, I either don't know what to write anymore or just don't feel like continuing that one story anymore... Why am I such a fail???
Tags: fanfic: oneshot, genre: smut, pairing: kyumin, rating: nc-17
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