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I love you, no matter what. (One-shot)

Genre: Angst, Romance
Pairings: Kyumin, mistaken!Qmi, 
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: AU, disabled!Min, pathetic!Kyu, fail!fic 
Summary: It doesn't matter how a person is as long as you love him. I wrote this in 5 minutes. Inspired by a german CF.

Sungmin was panting. He was running and didn't know if he wanted to stop.
His side was aching but he couldn't feel it.

The image of Kyuhyun kissing Zhou Mi was still in front of his eyes. He couldn't see where he was running.
He couldn't see the direction, the environment.

Only that image. 

Sungmin, was the last thing he heard from Kyuhyun. It sounded desperated, he thought.

Maybe he just wanted that it sounded like Kyuhyun was trying to hold him back.

His heart was actually hurting more than his side and his legs.
He felt that his legs went tired and that he couldn't stand that pace much longer.
How funny.
It was actually his own fault. Kyuhyun had told him that he shouldn't go into their shared room because he was busy doing things.
But he was too curious. Once again. Blame his fucking curiousity. Kyuhyun had been indeed busy.

Sungmin was still running.
He didn't know how long he had been running now. 5 Minutes? Half an hour? Sungmin couldn't tell.
Kyuhyun kissing Zhou Mi.
Kyuhyun kissing Zhou Mi.
Kyuhyun kissing Zhou Mi.
Again and again.
And every single time he thought of it, his heart was about to burst.

Kyuhyun had told him once that he loved Sungmin. How long was that ago? And again, Sungmin couldn't tell. It felt like eternities ago. 
Sungmin's legs weakened.
He stumbled and fell. 
On the ground.
The ground was wet.
Sungmin opened his eyes.
He was on the middle of the street.

And the lights were getting closer...

And closer...

He opened his eyes. Everything was white. The ceiling. The walls. 

He looked at his clothes. They were white.

He was laying in a bed. It was white. 

Sungmin looked to the left side and saw a window that showed the nightview of Seoul. At least it was not white.

Then he looked to the right sight and saw his boyfriend. Or ex-boyfriend. Whatever you like to call it.

Kyuhyun's eyes were reddened. He hadn't noticed that Sungmin had woken up. Sungmin closed his eyes again. 

He remained like this for two more minutes... until something warm touched his hand.

I know that you're awake. Sungmin, please listen to me. 

No. He wasn't going to fall for that voice again. He didn't want to hear those excuses. 
It was even more hurtful because Kyuhyun was always loyal to him.
This one time made him dying inside.


No, Sungmin mouthed. He didn't expect Kyuhyun to notice it. He said it to himself.

I have a lot things to say. Not only excuses.

No, Sungmin mouthed again. And this time, Kyuhyun noticed it.

You are awake. Don't be childish and listen to me.

Sungmin opened his eyes. He looked into Kyuhyun's eyes. What?, he whispered out. 
He shook his hand and Kyuhyun pulled his own hand back.

You had a car accident.

Thanks for stating the obvious. I know, Sungmin said without looking at him. He stared at the white ceiling.

He knew that he wouldn't be able to be mad at Kyuhyun for a long time. 
But that was him.

Because Kyuhyun didn't seem to care about that fact anymore. He looked around again.

Everywhere but not at Kyuhyun. There where flowers. Lilies. He had to smile bitterly.
Seemed like someone already thought that he was dead. 

There were roses. Pink. His favorite color. It was nice, but...

...right now, he couldn't have care less.

They say you are paraplegic.

Sungmin freezed. He held the position for a minute and relaxed. 


He couldn't walk anymore. He probably couldn't live alone anymore. Which meant that he would die. Sounded aweful, but...

...right now, he couldn't have care less.

Did you actually hear me? How can you stay that calm? You can't walk anymore! 

I know.

Sungmin was staring at the ceiling again. He lifted his hand and played with the ring on his left pinky finger.

You can never do Martial Arts anymore! You can't walk! You can barely do anything!


Do you even care about that?

Did he even care about that? No. Not really.

No. Not really.

Kyuhyun began to cry. Funny. Sungmin was supposed to cry.
Kyuhyun was not disabled. He was healthy.

Why are you crying?

Because I can't believe that your life is practically thrown away. And that you don't even care.
It's like you don't want to live anymore.

Why do you even care?

Because I love you. 



Listen to me. That thing with Zhou Mi Hyung... It was a bet. I didn't kiss him. 
He kissed me to win a bet against Heechul Hyung.



I only love you.

Sungmin felt something salty making his face wounds burn. Was he crying? Obviously.

Sungmin was sitting on the back seat in the car. He looked outside.

It was dark, but not too dark. 

Kyuhyun was sitting on the driver's seat any more or less happily blabbering about random things.

Sungmin was allowed to go home now. 

The car passed an amusement park.

Sungmin saw the carousel.

Sungmin? Are you okay? What are you looking a- Oh.

Sungmin didn't answer. He knew that it was just a dream. He couldn't walk anymore.

But Kyuhyun stopped the car. 

Kyu? What are you doing?

No answer. Kyuhyun had already took out his wheel chair and lifted him up from the back seat.

Kyuhyunnie? What are you planning?

Kyuhyun didn't bother to answer. He carried him to the carousel and placed him at one of the seats.

It started. The seats went higher and higher and even though Sungmin was afraid of heights, he wasn't scared.

Because Kyuhyun was there to hold his hand. The drive got faster and Sungmin felt the wind on his face.

It was so refreshing. He saw the light of the city. The whole Theme Park. He looked to the left and saw Kyuhyun looking at him.

You like it?

I love it.

The drive ended. A bit too soon, Sungmin thought. But it was worth it.

Kyuhyun lifted him up as gently as possible and placed him on his wheel chair again. 

Then he bent down and placed his lips on Sungmin's.

I love you.

A/N: Waaah... I so write this in a hurry... But I absolutely had to write it after watching this CF on TV >.< I had to cry while writing it but I bet it sucks.


Tags: fanfic: oneshot, genre: angst, genre: romance, pairing: kyumin, rating: pg-13

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